Student Pilots

30May2019 - Bill Schatz - Private Pilot

Bill successfully completed and passed his check ride today and is now a REAL PILOT! Congratulations to Bill and more congratulations to Don Reeder, his instructor.
Well done, Bill and Don.
Dennis M

Congratulations Bill and Don! That was quite the journey Bill but you hung in there and got it done. Now, time to have some fun! Well done Mr. Reeder.
Denis R.

On an evening in the early summer 2017, Mr. Bill Schatz, a member of the Majors Flying Club, did successfully attempt and complete his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT followed by three successful landings. The sunset was particularly brilliant that evening as his instructor Don Reeder documented the memorable event and the post-solo grin in the pictures below. Bill was a student in the Majors Flying Club 2015 Ground School class and is taking advantage of the flight training offered through our flying club to qualified club members.

Congratulations Bill on taking the mighty Cessna for a spin around the pattern without the aid and guidance of your instructor.

Congratulations Mr. Reeder for getting another student to their first solo.

12 May 2018 - Nathaniel Bennett - Private Pilot

We are happy to announce that Nathaniel Bennett successfully completed his Private Pilot Practical test on Saturday, May 12, 2018. Congratulations, Nathaniel. Congratulations to his instructor, John Pitkin, as well. Well done gentlemen !!

Nathaniel Bennett soloed the Cessna 150 on Thursday, December 28, 2017. Said it "was fun ! ". His instructor, John Pitkin, remarked that it was a "text book" initial solo. Congratulations to both Nathaniel and John

30 April 2018 - Zach Miller - Private Pilot

Zach Miller successfully completed his check ride today, Monday, April 30, 2018 (at Caddo Mills) in the club's Cessna 150. Some planning and aircraft ferry work had to be accomplished over the weekend to support a Monday check ride due to runaway closures at Majors but I doubt he minded especially considering the results. Zach said it went fine.

Congratulations Zach and his instructor Dennis Mathis. Well done!

SOLO Flight
Congratulations are in order for Zach Miller who soloed the mighty Cessna 150 today (Thursday, 16 Nov). A little crosswind, a change in runway use and a Q-400 departure interrupting his third landing did not deter Zach from achieving his goal. Well Done, Zach !

Note the big smile on Zach's face after completing his solo !!

24 April 2018 - Josh Stone - Private Pilot

Josh Stone completed his check ride today, Tuesday, April 24, 2018, with Brad Smith. I don't know which one has the best smile. Josh's comment after the check ride, "Smooth as butter ". Not sure what that means but it must be good.

Congratulations Josh, well done. Congratulations to his instructor, Dennis Mathis, for successfully instructing another private pilot.

Last evening, Tuesday, November 28, 2017 at around 1650, Josh Stone unabashed and unafraid, flew the mighty Cessna 150 in the pattern without any assistance. He did remark how the Cessna seemed to climb a lot faster without his instructor on board. Good job, Josh. You have now joined the unique league of AVIATORS !!

01March2018 - Tyler Sanders - Private Pilot

Tyler successfully completed his check ride for his Private Pilot certificate today, Thursday, March 1, 2018, despite the sale of the plane he trained in and postponed check ride dates! Well done Tyler.

Congratulations to Don Reeder for shepherding another one through the private pilot wickets.

On the morning of Friday, June 30, 2017, unbeknownst to other pilots in the pattern at Majors Fields in Greenville, TX, one each Tyler Sanders was let loose at the controls of the Harvest Aviation Cherokee 140 for his FIRST SOLO flight. As you can see from the photos provided by his instructor Don Reeder, Mr. Sanders is sporting the very recognizable and not uncommon "post-solo grin". Tyler was a student in the Majors Flying Club 2016 Ground School class and is taking advantage of the flight training offered through our flying club to qualified club members.

Congratulations Tyler on the singularly unique milestone of every pilot working toward their private pilot certificate.

Well done Mr. Reeder. Two student solo flights in the same week of the same month. That might be a first for the club. Now stop it, I am tired of updating the website!

23 August 2017 - Young Lee - Newest Private Pilot

Mr Young Lee successfully completed his Private Pilot check-ride today (23Aug2017), dazzling the DPE, Mr. Brad Smith, with a superb display of airmanship, skill and cunning. Young said he was glad he passed the check-ride . Note the grin on Young's face!

Young was a member of the 2015 Majors Flying Club Ground School and soloed on November 30, 2016. It is great to watch a club member make their way all the way from Ground School to a certificated Private Pilot.

Great job, Young, welcome to the small world of Private Pilots.

Mr. Young Lee, under the tutelage of Mr. Dennis Mathis, did successfully complete his first SOLO flight in the mighty Cessna on November 30, 2016. Congratulation Young!

29March2017 - Tom Hubert - Private Pilot

On the windy and gusty afternoon of Wednesday, March 29, 2017, Mr. Tom Hubert passed his check ride with FAA Designated Pilot Examiner Brad Smith. Tom's instructor was Don Reeder.

We all recognize that smile! Well done Tom.

Congratulations to Tom Hubert who soloed the Cherokee 140 on May 3, 2016. It was a perfect weather day to solo. Tom is a graduate of the Majors Flying Club 2015 Ground School and yet he came back for more! Tom did a great job and the plane is usable for future flights! According to Tom, "it was a piece of cake". Yeah, maybe, but what about the flight?

Kudos to Tom's instructor, Don Reeder. Don was as nervous as an "expectant father" but his student came through for him and that counts for a lot! It was hard to tell which one had the bigger sigh of relief.

Congratulations to both Tom and Don. Well done.

From left to right: 1st Solo in the Pattern, 1st Solo landing, Post Solo Grin, Post Solo Photo Op

01 February 2017 - New Howard - Private Pilot

Mr. Ned Howard successfully passed his check ride with the Designated Pilot Examiner Mr. Brad Smith on February 1, 2017. Ned's instructor was Mr. Dennis Mathis. Way to go Ned! Congratulations.

25 February 2016 - Erin Mastenbrook - Private Pilot

It's a bird, it's a plane.....

NO ! It's Erin Mastenbrook IN a plane and she is with the Designated PIlot Examiner and she is completing her checkride and she DID complete her checkride Thursday!!

Congratulations are in order to Erin on achieving something not a whole lot of people do - becoming an FAA certified Private Pilot. Erin had a sterling day Thursday and is glad this long, tortuous process is finally over. She could write a book on how she became a Private Pilot!! She would probably start with her last instructor (well maybe not).

Anyway, Erin is now a proud Private Pilot. Good job, Erin.

13 January 2016 - Bryan Hamel - Private Pilot

Bryan Hamel, under Dennis Mathis' tutelage, successfully completed his check ride on January 13, 2016. Congratulations and welcome to Mr. Hamel.