30May2019 - Bill Schatz - Private Pilot

Bill successfully completed and passed his check ride today and is now a REAL PILOT! Congratulations to Bill and more congratulations to Don Reeder, his instructor.
Well done, Bill and Don.
Dennis M

Congratulations Bill and Don! That was quite the journey Bill but you hung in there and got it done. Now, time to have some fun! Well done Mr. Reeder.
Denis R.

On an evening in the early summer 2017, Mr. Bill Schatz, a member of the Majors Flying Club, did successfully attempt and complete his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT followed by three successful landings. The sunset was particularly brilliant that evening as his instructor Don Reeder documented the memorable event and the post-solo grin in the pictures below. Bill was a student in the Majors Flying Club 2015 Ground School class and is taking advantage of the flight training offered through our flying club to qualified club members.

Congratulations Bill on taking the mighty Cessna for a spin around the pattern without the aid and guidance of your instructor.

Congratulations Mr. Reeder for getting another student to their first solo.