Membership in the Majors Flying Club is open to all current E-Club members and their immediate dependent family members. Prospective new members outside of the E-Club are also welcome.

Members of the club pay a one-time, nonrefundable initiation deposit and monthly dues. Non E-Club members are eligible for the same privileges as our regular E-Club members in accordance with the membership classes shown below.

Other than Associate Members, all other classes of membership are allowed unrestricted scheduling of aircraft in accordance with the Majors Flying Club's current By-Laws and Operating Rules.

Membership structure and fees are as follows:

Class Description
Initiation Fee
Regular Member Requires compliance with all club rules $300.00 $85.00/mo
Regular Member:
Family - Class 1
Immediate dependent family member of an L3Harris club member (must be at least 16 ears old) $150.00 $42.50/mo
Regular Member:
Family - Class 2
Immediate adult family ember of an L3Harris club member $300.00 $85.00/mo
Associate Member An individual who has an interest in aviation but does not have a pilot's license or who does not wish to be an active pilot. None $30.00/yr
(Rates effective: July 1, 2021)

Dues may be paid annually, semi-annually, monthly, or at each pay period. We encourage members to set up an account with the Alliance Bank to pay dues automatically each payday. Other dues payment methods are available.

Limited group liability and accident insurance is provided to all members through membership in the club and is funded by monthly dues.


To join the club, please click here for an Enrollment Package. This package includes:

  • A complete set of current Club By-Laws and Operating Rules,
  • E-Club Membership application,
  • Dues payment options, and
  • An application.
  • Checklist