Scout Aviation Workshop

The Majors Flying Club holds the Scout Aviation Workshop twice a year, in the spring and fall. Scouts who attend are able to complete all of the requirements for earning their aviation merit badge, including the opportunity to fly in a general aviation aircraft! The event is held at the Majors Airport in Greenville, Texas.

Activities include:
• A flight in a general aviation aircraft
• Performing a preflight inspection of an aircraft
• Merit badge counseling
• Model aircraft building (FPG-9)
• Navigation and chart mapping exercises
• Airport tour

Reservation is required to attend the event, and space is limited. Attendance fees are charged per scout. Lunch will be provided (please let us know of any dietary restrictions). Scouts who do not wish to fly will be given opportunities to complete other activities to satisfy merit badge requirements.

Inquiries can made to:

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Fall 2022
Spring 2022