30 April 2018 - Zach Miller - Private Pilot

Zach Miller successfully completed his check ride today, Monday, April 30, 2018 (at Caddo Mills) in the club's Cessna 150. Some planning and aircraft ferry work had to be accomplished over the weekend to support a Monday check ride due to runaway closures at Majors but I doubt he minded especially considering the results. Zach said it went fine.

Congratulations Zach and his instructor Dennis Mathis. Well done!

SOLO Flight
Congratulations are in order for Zach Miller who soloed the mighty Cessna 150 today (Thursday, 16 Nov). A little crosswind, a change in runway use and a Q-400 departure interrupting his third landing did not deter Zach from achieving his goal. Well Done, Zach !

Note the big smile on Zach's face after completing his solo !!