Historic Washington State Park, AR - 14November2019

Dave and Susan Wilson, Ian and Alysia Horbaczewski, Denis Rottler, Dennis Guinn, Kacey and Beth Dudenhoeffer, Dennis Guinn, Jackson Bean, Ned Howard, Dennis Harwell. Somehow Robert McEnaney and Vicki didn't make it into the picture.

Air to air shots of the Dudenhoeffer's Cardinal (left) and the Wilson's Glasair (right)

Photo credits (8 pictures above): Dennis Harwell


Our thank you note to our point of contact:

Mr. Henley,

On Saturday, November 16th the Majors Flying Club, based out of Majors Field (KGVT), Greenville, TX loaded up five (5) airplanes and thirteen (13) people and headed toward Hope Municipal Airport (M18) with plans to tour the Historic Washington State Park.

Thanks to your team, the event was an outstanding success for our group. In the weeks prior to our arrival, I spoke with Laura several times. She was always very helpful and tolerant of my multiple calls. I hope the paper she had to write over the weekend came out well.

As Laura promised, two vans and two drivers (Josh and Helen) we were waiting for us at Hope Municipal. We were a few minutes late as we had trouble getting one of the planes started at Majors Field. Helen is a most enjoyable person and we had fun sparring with her and learning about her volunteer work with the homeless people in the region.

Josh filled the roles of driver, coordinator, briefer, and photographer. Thankfully he had the foresight to let the Tavern know we were coming. They had a back room set up for us which probably saved our day. It was quite busy that day and we would have ended up spending quite a bit more time on lunch than planned and less time touring the park f it had not been for Josh.

Debbie was ready for us at the Visitor Center thanks to Josh and greeted us warmly and provided us with plenty of details about the park. I believe it was April who curated both the Weapons Museum and the Print Museum. Unfortunately I missed the name of the gentleman who was helping out in the Print Museum. They did print several nice pages with the magnolia tree for our club members which was fascinating to watch.

At the appointed time Helen and Josh were waiting for us at the Visitor’s Center to take us back to Hope Municipal. We even talked Josh into taking a group photo at the airport (see the attached; somehow we were short two people for the photo).

It was a beautiful day to fly and a beautiful day to tour the Historic Washington State Park. Thank you and your team for make the day a very pleasurable experience for us.

Denis Rottler
Majors Flying Club
Majors Field (KGVT)