Wash & Wax Party - 14June2019

On a somewhat blustery morning, seven hardy club members showed up to Wash and Wax the club airplanes. The bellies were de-greased, the planes were washed, dried, and put away.

In the background, several more folks showed up, including some dude in a Chef's hat, to help clear out the clubhouse as part of the renovation project. Everything except the coffee bar and the refrigerator was hauled out and temporarily moved into the hangar or the dumpster. Even the toilet and the ceiling fans were removed to make it a bit easier on the flooring folks and the painters. The good news is the toilet was one of the items that made its way to the dumpster! Since the carpet came up very easily, it was decided to remove it and save a few bucks by not paying the flooring crew to remove the carpet.

There was a lot of stuff to haul out and between the airplane washing crew and the folks who showed up to help clean out the clubhouse, it was all over it less than an hour. The clubhouse was empty but the same could not be said for the hangar.

The dude in the Chef's hat was busy cooking in the background and the food was ready right on time. Thanks to Dennis Mathis for taking care of the lunch cooking chores. Dennis Guinn provided everyone with the promised opportunity to win $5000. As per usual, one or two folks won $2. The exception was Mr. Mathis who was the victim of a practical joke and "won" nothing but provided some laughs as he read the phony lottery card out load.

Thanks to all who showed up to help.