Dallas Love Field - "Behind the Scenes" - 10May2019

The City of Dallas, Department of Aviation, Airport Operations Group were the people responsible for our Dallas Love Field Tour. They did an outstanding job! Mr. Timothy Smith is the Assistant Director of the group. Below is the letter of appreciation we sent after the tour.

Mr. Smith,

On behalf of the Majors Flying Club, I would like to express our appreciation for the excellent “Behind the Scenes� tour of Dallas Love Field that Jim Cennamo and his team orchestrated for us on Friday, May 10th. It was a fascinating tour that was very well choreographed and executed. All of the components including the old control tower, the robotic baggage handling, the ride on the Corbus 3000, and the tour of maintenance facility were well received. Of course everyone wanted to spend the day in the tower watching planes come and go and we were all fascinated by the robotic baggage handling system. While those were certainly highlights of the tour, what was striking and unexpected was the passion that Kevin demonstrated on the tour of the maintenance area. His attitude seems to reflect the attitude of Jim’s team and I suspect the attitude of many of the folks who work for the City of Dallas at Dallas Love Field.

Many thanks to Jim, Alex, Natalie, Kevin, Mr. Brown (fireman) and Mr. George Woodard, the Corbus driver and Texas A&M Football Hall of Famer (we had several Aggies in the group). There was a fourth person on Jim’s team who name I failed to write down but we know he was on the Employee Advisory board and a member of the Arts team. The goody bags provided by Kathy were a nice touch as well.

I suspect the folks who missed the tour will be looking for their chance in the future. Thank you for setting up the tour. Jim did a great job with all the planning and communication prior to the tour as well as conducting the tour itself. It was a lot of fun!

Majors Flying Club