Majors Field Breakfast Fly In - 3 November 2018

The Majors Field General Aviation Manager, Mr. Ty Helton, started early in 2018 to test the waters for a possible Majors Field Breakfast Fly-In in November. After several meetings it was decided that there would be enough local financial support, support from the local general aviation community, and support from the community to make the event a success.

The Majors Flying Club was asked to handle the breakfast part of the event and in a moment of weakness, the club said yes. Based on the turnout for a similar but smaller event in 2016, the club began the planning to feed 500 people in two hours that Saturday morning. Thanks to an impressive turnout of twenty four (24) volunteers from the Majors Flying Club, the club was able to meet and exceed its goals that Saturday morning. The griddles were fired up at 0600, the food line was open at 0800, closed at 1000, and by 1130 the hangar, griddles, tables, chairs, and cooking utensils were all cleaned and put away. It was an impressive showing of folks all moving in the same direction from start to finish to make the event a success.

To wit:
• 664 people signed in and we are assuming they all went through the food lines
• At least 1250 pancakes from 55 lbs. of batter and 10 gallons of water
• Around 1200 strips of bacon or about 70 lbs.
• 504 sausage patties or around 52 lbs.
• 17 gallons of orange juice
• Around 240 bottles of water
• An unbelievable number of cups of coffee