Membership Meeting - 24 May 2018

Minutes courtesy of the club Secretary, Mr. Dennis Harwell:

Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 1732 by Dennis Mathis.

Introductions: Special guests were introduced by Mr Mathis, including:
• John Riley, the Director of Public Works.
• Harry Andonian
• Bob Sudderith, our Guest Speaker for the evening.
Treasurer's Report:
• B.J. Finney provided a brief summary of the Club’s current financial status.
Secretary's Report:
• Dennis Harwell announced that those club membership cards which had not been picked up since the January General Membership meeting were available to be picked up at this evening’s meeting.
Aircraft Status:
• Dennis Guinn noted that the Archer’s wheel fairing has been repaired and returned to us, so it is ready to be re-attached.
• Mr. Guinn also noted that two of the Cessna’s engine cylinders failed to reach proper compression and had to be removed for service. They will hopefully be re-attached on Friday, 25 May (tomorrow).
Club Events:
• Denis Rottler noted that while there were currently no events scheduled on the club events calendar, new events are in-work, based on the input the membership provided from the survey he conducted in January.
• Mr. Rottler provided a brief summary of the results of the survey, listing the types of events that are interesting to the membership.
Safety Officer / Chief Pilot's Safety Briefing:
• Mark Armstrong was unable to arrive at the meeting until late, so he was unable to provide a safety briefing.
• Dennis Mathis announced that Tyler Sanders recently successfully completed his checkride and received his FAA Private Pilot certificate. He was presented with a special Club certificate for his achievement.
• Mr. Mathis also announced that Zach Miller also recently successfully completed his checkride and obtained his FAA Private Pilot certificate. He was also presented with a special Club certificate.
• Mr. Mathis also announced that Nathaniel Bennett and Josh Stone recently passed their checkrides and received their FAA Private Pilot certificates, but neither were present at the meeting to be recognized.
Guest Speaker:
• Our Guest Speaker for the evening was Bob Sudderith, an aerospace engineer with an interesting career, including a number of years at Edwards Air Force Base during the time of critical historic supersonic research. He presented an interesting program about the history of supersonic flight.
• Mr. Suddertih was presented with a personalized “Thank-You� coffee mug after his talk.

The meeting was adjourned by Dennis Mathis at 1712.

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