17 December 2007 - Dale Crumpton - Instrument Rating

Dale Crumpton, one of our Associate members, achieved his Instrument rating in his Cessna T210 on 12/17/07. Dale began flying in 2000 and at the time he got his instrument rating had accumulated over 500 hours of flying time. For his Instrument ground school instruction, Dale studied under the direction of Dennis Mathis and Harry Andonian.

Dale took his successful Instrument check ride with Harry Andonian. Harry is one of our instructors, a Club Board member, and an FAA Designated Examiner.

Dale has wanted this rating for a very long time and finally was able to make his dreams come true. The most challenging part of the instrument course of instruction was "changing my VFR habits, making sure to hold altitude and heading -- can't fudge with it on IFR." "The most fun part of the course was was learning to fly under the hood,then getting to do the approaches." "What I most look forward to doing now that I have my instrument rating, is to be able to come back from Pagosa Springs Co. and land at Greenville even if it has a 1000 ft ceiling, not having to go back to Gainsville to land."

"I would like to thank Dennis Mathis for putting up with me and my schedule. I was out of town a lot but he stuck with me and we got it done."

"The Majors Flying Club has a lot of very good members and I would like to thank them for letting me be an Associate member and look forward to using the PC trainer to stay sharp on my IFR flying. Thanks to all of you." - Dale